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About Us

Perimeter Ballet started in 1995 and is committed to helping students grow in integrity and character as they seek to bring glory and honor to God as the giver of their talent.  Students receive a high quality dance education with a solid foundation of technique and are encouraged to strive toward their highest level of potential.  Our program welcomes students throughout the surrounding community.

Our values align with those of Perimeter Church which are love, integrity, faith and truth.

We are committed to grow students in integrity and character while developing a love and appreciation for the performing art of dance.

We are committed to quality dance education in order to help our students achieve their highest level of ability. We offer a performing company at our highest levels, which affords students the opportunity to develop performance skills in the traditional, classical ballets, as well as liturgical worship.

We are committed to a holistic approach to nurture our students. Perimeter Ballet staff places a high priority on mentoring students, as well as offering a solid foundation of technique that encourages creativity and expression to honor God as the giver of their talent.

We are committed to seeking the modesty of our students and work to counter the natural tendency towards self-absorption in the ballet studio.

We are committed to preparing students to pursue a high level of proficiency, including post-secondary education if they so desire, by affording them performance training and auditioning skills.

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    Perimeter Ballet
    9500 Medlock Bridge Road
    Johns Creek, GA 30097
    Phone: 678.405.2337 or 404-310-3116 (please email due to limited office hours)
    Fax:  678.405.2009

    our facebook page instagram